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Bringing NYFW (New York Fashion Week) trends to life

Bringing NYFW (New York Fashion Week) trends to life

  • Candles Fashion House

New York Fashion Week has touched almost everyone under the fashion sun. Particularly, fashionistas all over the world who have not been able to resist the trends that are triggered by the superb event. Over the past few years, New York Fashion Week's drifts have taken us on a fashion forward journey. 

Styles That Will Rule For Seasons To Come

Ranging from the elegant basics to elaborate details, NYFW has kicked off styles that rule for seasons to come. Many fashion industries are enjoying the marvels brought fourth by NYFW. WHY? One of the more quite obvious ones, is the brilliant and innovative minds that collaborate to bring to life some of the most fantastic trends with a powerful and long lasting impact. Here are some of the hottest trends that NYFW brings to the runway every year.

Crochets: Some of the top designers have made us believe that this knitted fabric can be a wonderful choice even in the fall. Crochets are inspired by the beach and are one of the trendiest looks this season. This fabric tends to generate gorgeous handmade pieces that  are a fashion staple for ever. 


Fringe: NYFW designers played with all types of fringe as well this year. Generally, fringe is used to add a hint of texture to pieces that need a bit more interest, but this year was different. Designers made use of the technique to make statements and created movement by incorporating a "Boho" vibe into a elegant collection. This was sure to follow right into our local designers and retail stores.



Hippie Fashion: There was plenty of stuff from the 70's that hit the floor and made all hold their breath. The era is back once more and it is here to stay. Hippie-like styles were quite apparent in the collections of number of designers. Hints of chunky layers, suede, bold prints as well as flared pants made fantastic addition and enabled all to make contemporary 70's inspired ensembles to welcome the fall fashion season at NYFW.




Print Blocking: Mixing prints was another notable fashion trend that reached NYFW this year. The prints trend explored collections from designers like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. These top designers that were brimming with bold fabrics took the "clash" out of "color-clashing". 


NYFW will continue to bring new trends to the fashion table each year. These are just some of the trends and looks you will usually see incorporated into our top designers pieces.