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The Inspiration Behind Candle's Fashion House

The Inspiration Behind Candle's Fashion House

  • Candles Fashion House

The Inspiration Behind Candles Fashion House

Hello there lovelies and welcome to Candles Fashion House!

My name is Candle and this is a place where I give women access to all the latest trending clothes.

Fashion is something I have always been passionate about. Even when I was really young, I always loved to put a lot of thought into my outfits and wore something that was not only stylish, but went along with my personality as well. At the age of 18, I started working in retail and I feel that it was the time when my love for fashion grew even more. I started off by working with Ann Taylor Loft and BCBG where I got a chance to learn so much about fashion, running a business and all that fun stuff. After that I started working as a freelancing stylish, which was pretty exciting for me. A few years back I started my own fashion stylist business which was an amazing experience for me. Not only do I love fashion, but I also enjoy sharing what I know with others and helping them. Being a fashion stylish allowed me to do that!

I want woman to always look and feel amazing. The clothes you wear have a big impact on your confidence and how you feel about yourself. This is why I thought of starting my own online boutique. My aim is to give women access to all the latest, hottest and trending fashions out there!

At Candles Fashion House, we offer a variety of styles and sizes so that everyone can find something they love. If there is a latest fashion trend out there, expect to find it in our store! By shopping with us, you will have a closet full of clothes that will surely make you look glamorous and on trend.